Hire Developers for a Startup How to Find Programmers?


Other than posting jobs, you can also search for developers manually. Just click on the Development and IT tab and choose which kind of developer you’re looking for. Upwork will list several candidates that have built a good record on the platform.


The demand for a talented developer with experience has never been higher among startups. Across all industries and niches, startups are looking for developers to join their teams. Unable to develop the talents in-house, train developers from scratch or find senior developers to mentor junior developers, means that developers are being overwhelmed with offers. Now that we outlined the process of how to find developers for your startup, it’s time for a thorough interviewing process. This is a crucial step where you will speak with a lot of candidates and narrow down to a few suitable ones.

Expert Talent Matching

That’s why it’s paramount to empower your team for growth and development. Create opportunities for personal and professional development to show your people that you value them and take their job satisfaction seriously. A common hiring mistake many startups make is implementing too many employment development programs that don’t necessarily bring much value. A rule of thumb is to ensure a solid functioning of the basics – employee referral, onboarding, and effective feedback process. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is whether or not people want to buy your product. Ideally, this is something you should start working on long before the development process.

You will have a two-week free trial to check whether the platform suits you or not. The main downsides of using the platform are, firstly, that you pay 23 % of the rate you pay the programmer for the service and secondly, it’s not possible to hire a dedicated team. You need to gather the team by searching for each developer separately by their profiles. Founded in 2017, GraffersID is a leading IT Staff Augmentation Company that empowers novel organizations towards high paced growth through accomplished developers.

Must-Track Candidate Experience Metrics To Hire Better

For conducting the interview, both offline and online ways will work superbly. Before conducting the interview, you will be sitting with a big pile of resumes, sourced from online and offline channels. And since you are developing a product from scratch, it is better to hire someone for regular work. You can also use these channels to promote your product and then attract talent with the postings. Also, due to the pandemic, the majority of conferences and events are happening online.

  • Apart from this, they have various types of developers working under various domains.
  • Make sure to thank them for interviewing and let them know about the next steps and expected timeline for the decision making process.
  • In simpler terms, if you want to drive success, you should be prepared to cope with the challenges that come with it.

Choose a dedicated outsource company to develop an outstanding MVP and grab the investors’ attention with ease. To have a chat with us and discover what we offer to our startup clients, fill in the form below. Conversely you may use talent marketplaces like Guru, Freelancer, or Upwork.

More than 35% of https://traderoom.info/s fail because of a lack of product market fit. The biggest tech mistake for a startup you can make is to over-spend on unnecessary tech. Let’s look at how to find software developer for startup offline. This is the main part of how to find a software developer for startup. So, we have distilled down to the second last leg of our discussion on how to hire programmers for startup. Since they are working with a technical perspective, mobile developers will better understand the requirements, execution, and implementation.

No, the local newspaper and Indeed are not enough to find true talent. Let’s know some unique areas that will help you find a great developer. If not everything, you must have a basic idea of the technologies, frameworks, and their responsibilities. Create a plan or a roadmap, including the timeline and budget. Identify your audience and build a solution that resonates with them. Firstly, understand your product and find reasons why anyone should use it.

How to Screen Developers for Soft Skills?

The process is managed by a professional project manager who helps to avoid pitfalls and to achieve the project delivery on time and within the budget. Besides, most present-day new companies are advanced, so discovering web engineers for them turns into a center errand for any new company. Today everyone needs to possess the most effective development talent in their corner. However, if you are a startup business, hiring skilled and experienced developers is very necessary. Easily Up-Scale and Down-Scale your team size with Graffersid. We aim to speed-up your development with a team of dedicated remote developers having in-depth knowledge, and technological excellence.


Instead, this specialist distributes the workload to the team, monitors the progress of the project, and takes responsibility for the project as a whole. A team leader is a highly-skilled programmer who understands how to manage the workflows of other programmers. Read further if you’re wondering how to find developers for your startup and how many of them should be in general. Technical knowledge is necessary to assess and choose the right technologies and programming languages to build, manage, and validate products. A capable software engineer with the same interest as hiring managers can invest significantly in the startup’s growth and business vision.

The cost of outsourcing fluctuates from country to country. You can find out that Ukraine is the leader of outsourcing and outstaffing in Eastern Europe. Moreover, the average software engineer’s hourly wage is $30 – $50, which is much lower than in other countries. There are so many hurdles involved at every step that many entrepreneurs can easily lose hope. One of these challenges is finding software developers who are not only good project managers but also great programmers and team players.

By doing this, it won’t be a surprise if you have the best programmers contact you to be part of what you’re building. The dedicated team is usually assigned to a long-term project and works on it for a while. Depending on the contract, you can either pay a fixed price or offer hourly rates.

This allows you to check progress and revise expectations reafind developers for startupically. Globally, 305 million startups launch annually, and that number is rapidly increasing. Get the best insights on remote work, hiring, and engineering management in your inbox. If you’re looking for the best developers and are trying to develop your existing team, contact Revelo and let them handle the work for you. If there are other people in your team responsible for hiring, make sure they’re clear on everything as well so that they know what to look for. Below are some of the most critical skills and expertise a developer should have.

  • Others prefer consulting or freelancing helps for smaller tasks.
  • You can hire a freelancer on a freelance platform or look for a full-time specialist on sites like Glassdoor or Indeed.
  • If they are inspired enough by your idea or product, they can approach you directly.
  • It’s not easy to compete against compelling benefits packages and salary offers that are now lingering, on average, around $155,000 for software engineers.
  • In that case, it makes more sense to assemble a new team than to hire an outsourced development agency.

Such specialists work with large companies, and their salary expectations are appropriate. If you are looking for long-term cooperation with a developer, you can hire them on staff. This is a rather rare case for startups, but sometimes such a decision makes sense.

Software development takes less time when people work 24/7 to deliver your product within the deadlines you set. Also, you don’t have to spend time looking for new developers and then hiring and training them to suit your project needs. Outstaffing is a type of remote employment when a hired person carries out all the job duties for a startup, being officially employed by an outsourcing company.

Get matched with vetted candidates within 3 days.

You could find yourself with a high churn rate simply because of the nature of your business, which is not ideal. If your startup is very tech-centric, there would probably be enough work to go around. But if it isn’t and there is downtime, you are simply wasting resources. Freelancers and development companies could work on a case by case basis, but the in-house developer salaries are running no matter if there is enough work to go around or not. This is a key person in your organization, so it’s worthwhile to try to use your own channels to attract the best possible candidates. However, once you do, you need to vet them together with someone that can judge their skills and experience effectively.

Location – Unless you’re hiring for a remote role, where your developer is based is an important parameter to keep in mind. You should, however, learn about the viable technology stacks and architecture for your product. Tech Column 01 Full-Stack Apps Our technology options for simple transactional apps.

CTOs need to be aware of current tech trends and have the knowledge to align innovation with business objectives. You should be able to point out the value and potential of your solution to the prospective candidates if you want to have them on board. Even if you can pay high salaries, you might want to provide some other good reasons why your project suits them.

India is the hub to one of the largest pool of talented and vetted software developers, and their government supports the IT industry with open arms. Now you have a business project with planning and a basic outline for designing ready. To get your hands dirty, you need to get into programming the app by taking care of back-end technology, API and mobile app front-end technology. App developers are specializing in back-end operations, while there are also front-end developers. If you need to choose between one and the other you can manage on your own. Otherwise, if you need to find an app developer for the entire process, you should look for a full-stack app developer.

Will chatGPT replace programmers? No, but it’ll make their jobs easier – Business Insider

Will chatGPT replace programmers? No, but it’ll make their jobs easier.

Posted: Fri, 03 Mar 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

To date, 21+ million software development questions have been asked on this platform, so you have a good chance of getting your job posting noticed. To post a job in AngelList, you can go to the recruit page and once you’re signed in, you’ll be given a form to fill out as a listing for your startup company. You can do public job posts for free or for a premium fee. AngelList is another popular developer platform where you can find good developers for your startup.


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