Can JavaScript be used for Android Development

This tutorial discussed whether JavaScript is useful for Android development. We understood that the best option for creating mobile apps is JavaScript app frameworks. By ensuring code reuse and the availability of built-in libraries, they help speed up development. For tremendous outcomes, businesses can pick a framework that complements their development goals. Front-end and server developers can use the JavaScript framework for online and mobile app development. As a result, companies can save money by keeping their tech stack lean.

In this article, we’re mainly focusing on why using JavaScript for mobile applications. But let’s take a quick step aside and see what can be created with it overall. Without JavaScript, websites could not be built, it continues growing up in the direction of mobile app development. Ember JS is a popular tool for creating extremely complex and challenging mobile apps. Fastboot.js and ember.js are two components of this free, open-source JavaScript client-side framework, which enables two-way binding.

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For example, in Android, WebView refers to the android.webkit.WebView class. In iOS, however, it refers to the UIWebView class that belongs to the System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit framework. In the Windows Phone platform, meanwhile, it refers to the WebView class that belongs to the Windows.UI.Xaml.Controls classes. You will find it very useful to know about GitHub, which is a web-based hosting service for software development projects that use the Git revision control system.

But the world is changing, and web’s dominance is giving way to mobile. With that in mind, you may be wondering if it’s possible to use JavaScript for mobile apps. Several popular frameworks like Ionic and Cordova utilize programming shortcuts to make creating a hybrid mobile app easier. As a result, the framework facilitates access to a wide range of plugins, enabling developers to access device features, thereby extending the scope and scale of the app.

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React.js is ideal for building cross-platform or SPA applications and designing mobile applications. Using Apache Cordova will reduce the complexity of these challenges. Apache Cordova gives you the ability to have a common code base for all of the implementations of your application on the different mobile platforms.

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On the other hand, if you want to develop a native mobile application in iOS, you will need to use Objective-C as the programming language and Xcode or JetBrains AppCode as the programming IDE. Finally, if you want to develop a Windows platform mobile application, you will need to use a .NET programming language and Visual Studio as the IDE. The programming languages that native apps are built from will only load the application’s unique functions on the intended devices. When building hybrid apps with Ionic, developers can access Cordova plugins that help them to access the hardware and software features of a mobile device. Sencha Touch has now been merged with Sencha Ext JS. Sencha Ext JS has been one of the most effective JavaScript frameworks to create cross-platform mobile applications.

The process of creating a mobile app involves a variety of technologies and procedures. Coding, which uses a range of languages to accomplish the process, is one of the most crucial components. JavaScript is a computer language that developers like due to a wide range of advantages.

Meteor is another JavaScript mobile app framework that can help you develop interactive mobile applications. It allows your JavaScript code for mobile apps and gives you ongoing control over your app. With this feature, you can update the JavaScript code without the developer’s help and use the hot code push function to deploy the changes to users on all mobile platforms immediately.

Top JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile App Development

Users who visit React-generated pages more frequently may be less likely to leave them. With the growing popularity of web apps and the way that Chromebooks (which rely on cloud-based apps) have dominated markets like education, JavaScript is more central than ever. JavaScript is the most popular coding language around, according to Stack Overflow’s annual developer surveys.

mobile development javascript

It offers certain key mobile components that help in the creation of high-quality mobile apps. NativeScript is an open-source, cross-platform, free mobile framework that assists in the creation of a truly native Android and iOS mobile apps. These apps can be built with JavaScript, Angular, Vue.js or TypeScript.


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It will make it easier to track changes locally and force them to one side after restoring the connection. Unlike other programs, it does not require ongoing server connections to carry out its essential operations. Java Script’s user interface loads and runs on a screen without a network connection. Traditional server-side front-end programming cannot provide the possibility that Javascript can. Hybrid apps, which act as a wrapper for native platforms, are supported by the Android ecosystem.

  • As its name implies, it serves as a sturdy backbone for your project, providing a straightforward UI.
  • Stack Overflow garnered a whopping 71.5% support from professional developers.
  • The declarative API that React replaces the mutative, imperative API of the DOM with is more significant since it enhances the degree of abstraction and streamlines the programming paradigm.
  • This requires Android development skills along with an in-depth knowledge of how webview apps work.
  • Google offers solutions to issues like these, such as SEO kits, analytics tools, and a plugin called AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

In order to access a device’s native feature, JavaScript application objects call Apache Cordova APIs. By answering users’ questions, they also relieve pressure from your customer service team, saving your business time and money. JavaScript frameworks can give users an app with a better UX, making for a less distracting experience. In contrast to Native apps, Hybrid apps combine web and native mobile designs. Before deciding how JavaScript can help you create an app, it’s important to clarify the difference between a Native and Hybrid mobile app. JavaScript is a programming language – more specifically, a scripting language – that’s essential for creating dynamic interactable content.

Easier to Recreate an Existing JavaScript App as a Mobile App

Mobile web applications usually require you to be online in order to use them. They are not real mobile native applications, although they might have the same look and feel as mobile native applications that use the CSS technology. Mobile web applications are, in fact, not uploaded to app stores and do not have the same physical formats of the platform native mobile applications. They use limited native features of the mobile device, such as geolocation and storage features.

How to Build Mobile Apps with JavaScript

Coders can employ the Ionic framework to develop, test, supervise and release high-performance mobile apps. It is one of the widely employed frameworks in the market among the list of all available JavaScript frameworks. All the key client-side operations can be accomplished by employing JavaScript frameworks.

You can quickly develop applications to support multiple platforms. This guide was designed to help identify the top seven frameworks mobile developers can use to accelerate software development. Our tech experts will analyze to help you with custom mobile app development solutions.


In conclusion, the creation of mobile applications is changing daily, moving from single-platform applications to cross-platform native apps. Thus, with such a rapid expansion in technological adaptation, it will be interesting to observe how hybridized our apps develop. JavaScript frameworks make it possible to create native mobile applications.

Reach out to SGS Technologie for more comprehensive descriptions and to see which best suits your requirements. Hire Node.js developers to run a web application with many features. One of the top JavaScript frameworks mobile development javascript for mobile is “Mobile Angular UI”. Switches, overlays, scrollable areas, sidebars, and absolute positioned top and bottom navbars that don’t bounce on the scroll are some of the features to mention.

Webviews are a faster and cheaper alternative to convert a JavaScript web app to mobile, but simple webviews on their own make for a poor user experience. A web view displays a webpage, without any navigational improvements or visual improvements, making for a poor user experience. A basic wrapper like this also lacks native app features such as push notifications or analytics. Let’s take a deeper look at each option to use JavaScript for mobile apps.


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