Affectionate Places in Bosnia

Bosnia is actually a country that is certainly perfect for lovers who are looking to receive away from the standard and have some fun. The country gives a unique mixture of organic beauty, fascinating record, and culinary arts delights. It also provides a price that is right for budget-minded travelers.


The location of Sarajevo is mostly a quaint travel around vacation spot that may be full of ancient monuments, delicious food, and beautiful landscape. You can check out the city on foot or over a motorbike, and you should have the required time to soak up the sun as you wander.


The mountain town of Lukomir is one of the best romantic places in Bosnia. It truly is renowned because of its castle, strange mill, and extra historic sites.

Herceg Etno Selo

An absolute ethno small town, Herceg Etno Selo features traditional buildings obtained from all over Bosnia and painstakingly reconstructed to their former glory. The sophisticated also serves local food, has a various traditional rooms, while offering stunning vistas of the mountains.


The historic village of Stanisici seems as if finally any other Bosnian ethno village initially, but it seems to have a number of twists that make it stand out from the slumber. Its complexes are all extracted from the different regions of Bosnia and has a exceptional theme, such as the Minimal Red Horseback riding Hood cabin.


The unusual city of Bihac is another one of many many romantic locations in Bosnia. It is actually surrounded by tremendous mountain terrain and cyan oceans, turning it into an stunning getaway for couples. It really is famous for it is rafting and bicycling chances, and it is a good bottom for going through the surrounding spot.


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